IM Daniel Naroditsky vs. GM Andre Diamant – SPICE Spring Cup 2011 – Presenter: Daniel Naroditsky


Presented by: Daniel Naroditsky – FIDE 2472

Opening: Sicilian Defense, 2…e6

In this video International Master Daniel Naroditsky examines his game against Grandmaster Andre Diamant. Daniel Naroditsky is the highest rated under 16 player in the United States. Watch the video and see how he thinks!

Summary by Naroditsky:
In a sharp Paulsen, White starts a standard f3-g4 attack on the Kingside and Black counters with his own counter-attack on the Queenside. Black weakens the d5 square at the wrong moment, allowing White’s pieces to pour into Black’s position. Eventually, White is able to sacrifice an exchange and break through. Black sacrifices back the exchange in order to create some last-ditch tricks, but White’s pieces are too well coordinated and Black’s king is hopelessly weakened. With his last critical move Qf5, White wins the game immediately.

Players invited to the SPICE tournament for 2011:

GM Kuljasevic Davorin 2528 (Croatia)
GM Diamant Andre 2513 (Brazil)
GM Bykhovsky Anatoly 2513 (Israel)
IM Naroditsky Daniel 2438 (USA)
FM Yang Darwin 2416 (USA)
IM Kleiman Jake 2413 (USA)
IM Esserman Marc 2412 (USA)
IM Sipos Istvan 2410 (HUN)
SM Aleskerov Faik 2324 (Azerbaijan)

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