Shirov vs Kasparov – Linares Chess Super Tournament 2002

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I would like to dedicate this video to the memory of the super-tournament in Linares, Spain – hopefully we will see you again in 2012. Presenting a last round game between Alexei Shirov (Latvia) and Garry Kasparov (Russia), a very complicated Sveshnikov. Kasparov sprung a theoretical novelty on Shirov by playing Ra4 (instead of the customary Ra5) after the bishop sacrifice on b5. Shirov appeared to be taken aback by the sacrifice and was unable to conduct the attack with his normal ingenious creativity and resourcefulness. Kasparov played energetically, and held on to the extra piece to win this last round game to seal an absolutely crushing tournament victory in the 2002 Linares Round-Robin Super-Tournament.

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