Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura – Tata Chess Tournament 2011 – Chess Grandmaster

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Coverage of the Tata Chess Classic, 2011 in Wijk Ann Zee – a fantastic chess tournament that appears to be on the ropes for 2012 due to sponsorship issues. Wijk Ann Zee has always been a great tournament, and this year was no exception. This game covers a round 7 matchup between Norwegian wunderkind Magnus Carlsen as White (the World’s Highest Rated Player) and Hikaru Nakamura (the Americas’ Highest Rated Player). Both players have been considered as extremely bright prodigies throughout their somewhat short careers, and their games are typically highly entertaining. This game was no exception as Carlsen played a sharp sideline as part of the Be2 set-up for white against the Najdorf. Nakamura had trouble stirring up counterplay, and Carlsen ended the game with a deflectory pawn sacrifice followed by a decisive bishop sacrifice to destroy black’s defenses. Great game by Carlsen.

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