Today in Chess | Zugdidi vs. Saint Louis 2 |

Eight scholastic players from the Saint Louis Chess Club play students from the Zugdidi Chess School in the country of Georgia in a friendly one-round rapid match on Join Mike Kummer & Ben Simon for the move-by-move.


Giorgi Kukhaleishvili (ZUG 2050) vs. Iris Zhou (STL 1924)
Asish Panda (STL 1909 FIDE) vs. Giorgi Naqopia (ZUG 2078)
Nikolozi Shamatava (ZUG 2000) vs. Alex Zhang (STL 1921 US)
Aaron Lin (STL 1690) vs. Giorgi Sartania (ZUG 1988)
Maia Bechvaia (ZUG 1953) vs. Ayden Huang (STL 1655 US)
Celina Zhou (STL 1665) vs. Grigol Bechvaia (ZUG 1720)
Nika Kemularia (ZUG 1523) vs. Newman Shen (STL 1470 US)
Aaradhya Panda (STL 1377 US) vs. Dimitri Antelava (ZUG 1515)
(Universal Ratings, then FIDE Ratings, then USCF Ratings listed)


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