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It’s easy to think chess strength is all about a player’s ability to find good squares for their pieces or calculate deep variations. However, a vital skill for getting good results is to know how to play good practical chess.

This means knowing the different approaches required to get results against both weaker and stronger players, what to do in a winning position, what to do in an inferior position and how to cope with time-trouble – both yours and your opponent’s.

A player with this knowledge will get better results, and subsequently a higher rating, than somebody who is just as strong in chess terms but doesn’t have this practical know-how.

This is the subject of IM Lawrence Trent’s course “Playing Practically: Tips to improve your results” and in this preview he reveals his tips for beating lower-graded opponents. There will often be situations in which you face somebody you expect to beat but they will be doing their best not to let that happen. How do you get the win without being reckless and risking defeat? Should you complicate or play simply? Lawrence draws on his experience and presents one of his own games to illustrate his advice in action.

Learn How To Play Practical Chess


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