Become a MASTER of the Opening With This Video Series!

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Become a master of the opening with this video series!

In the video “Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Vol 3” by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili, we get further explanations about all of the different common chess openings.

By having a good grasp of the openings, you will better understand how to play this phase of the game well and this results in good positions. Memorizing ten moves of an opening is not enough. We learn from Roman the plans, concepts, ideas, strategies, tactics and reasons behind all of the opening moves too.

In the third volume, Roman starts off by explaining the Giuoco Piano opening for White and the many different traps and tactics Black must be on the watch out for. He has studied this opening extensively and is able to explain it better than anyone else. With his help and analysis, we will become better opening players.

What tips and advice does Roman share about the opening in his video? How can we learn the ideas and plans behind the lines and variations that are shown? Watch the video to find out!

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