Destroy the Grunfeld Defense – GM Rafael Leitão

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Although in the early and mid 20th century the Gruenfeld Defense was thought to be a very dry chess opening that black would play to achieve a draw, in today’s game it is one of the most dynamic chess openings that black can employ against 1. d4 – played at one time by nearly every leading Grandmaster (Svidler, Caruana, Giri, Topalov, Gelfand, etc..) In the following chess video, viewers are going to receive a special treat as Brazilian Grandmaster Rafael Leitão demonstrates an absolutely crushing victory with the white pieces in a very topical line of the Gruenfeld Defense involving 4. Bg5 Ne4!? The Brazilian GM’s presentation is crystal-clear as he explains his very logical thought process and the methodical way he was able to build his position and eventually break through with a decisive attack via some flashy sacrifices!

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