Boris Gelfand vs Viswanathan Anand – Linares 1993

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I expect a very interesting and hard-fought match, as both of these guys have been playing incredible chess for decades. Anand is the obvious favorite on paper, although the Israeli Gelfand can be a very resourceful chess player. Anand is slightly ahead in their previous heads-up battles, with a record of +9 -6 =27, although this is hardly significant in a world chess championship match. Anand has not been playing much lately, however his recent performance at the 2011 Bilbao Chess Masters Final did not inspire much confidence. Gelfand has abstained from play in recent months, choosing to relax and focus on preparation since winning the 2011 Candidates Tournament in May. While most people are giving huge odds on Anand for an easy victory, I think Boris Gelfand’s determination is going to play a huge factor in this match. Gelfand has not enjoyed the type of success that Anand has at the top level of chess for the last 20 years – this is exactly what can make him even more dangerous. Boris Gelfand knows that he probably won’t have another chance in his distinguished career to challenge for the title of world chess champion. However, Anand is the world chess champion for a reason – he knows how to perform under pressure and has proven this time and again. The 2012 World Chess Championship in Moscow, Russia will definitely be one of the closest matches the chess world has witnessed in recent memory.

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