Stonewall Attack Beginner Chess Openings Series – Managing the Sidelines (Part 3)

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In part 3 of the Stonewall Attack Beginner Series, I review a few side variations by black and the best common plans for white. Starting with a common line involving an early …bf5, I recommend deviating from the Stonewall in favor of a simple continuation aimed at exploiting black’s weak pawn on b7 with a rapid c4 and Qb3. This will typically allow white to obtain a small advantage out of the opening as black does not have a comfortable way of defending this b7 pawn without incurring long-term weaknesses. White should play very actively on the queenside to make the most out of this slight opening advantage.

For the second half of the video, I check out an interesting idea for black to immediately exchange off white’s powerful light-squared bishop on d3 with 4. …Nb4 and 5. …Nxd3+. I recommend white to recapture with cxd3 to enhance control over the center, especially the critical e4 square. Next, white needs to play extremely actively to take advantage of black’s time-consuming knight maneuver in the early opening. Although white no longer has the light-squared bishop, he should continue with the normal attacking plan involving Ne5, Rf3, Rh3, Qf3, and g4. It is important to remember that white should not be thrown off track by this sideline, and should continue with the principled attacking plans in the Stonewall.

[Frank Marshall vs Richard Teichmann]
[Vienna, 1908]
[Opening “Stonewall Attack”]

1. d4 d5 2. e3 Nf6 3. Bd3 Nc6 4. f4 Nb4 5. Nf3 Nxd3+ 6. cxd3 e6 7. O-O Be7
8. Nc3 O-O 9. Bd2 b6 10. Ne5 Bb7 11. Rf3 c5 12. Rh3 Rc8 13. Qf3 a6 14. g4 g6
15. Rh6 Rc7 16. Ne2 Kg7 17. Qh3 Rh8 18. Bc3 c4 19. g5 Ng8 20. Nxf7 Kxf7 21.
Rxh7+ Rxh7 22. Qxh7+ Kf8 23. Qxg6 cxd3 24. Ng3 Bc8 25. Rf1 Qe8 26. Qxd3 Qb5
27. Qg6 Qe8 28. Qd3 Qb5 29. Qh7 Bd6 30. Qh8 Qd3 31. e4 dxe4 32. g6 e3 33. f5
e2 34. Nxe2 exf5 35. Nf4 Qe4 36. Qh4 Re7 37. Ng2 Qxh4 38. Nxh4 Re2 39. Nxf5
Bxh2+ 40. Kh1 Bb7+

Side Note: Even though white lost the above game, he achieved an excellent position and attack out of the opening.

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