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REGIUM is the world's most advanced automatic chess e-board

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REGIUM is the world's most advanced automatic chess e-board. Now, REGIUM is the presenting partner of the Speed Chess Championship Final between Hikaru Nakamura and Wesley So, taking place this Friday, February 21 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time on

REGIUM is developed by chess lovers, highly qualified engineers with more than 20 years of experience in Hi-Tech developments. They dreamed of the perfect automatic chess board since childhood, but nobody made it. For this reason, they have decided to do it themselves and develop the board of their dreams that they would like to have. Now they want you to have it too!


  • When playing against internet opponent or chess programs, the opponent's moves are reproduced on the e-Board
  • The movements are instant and very fast, silent and precise, always in the centre of the square, even if there is anything on the Surface, as dust or water

    • Classic Model: Nogal chess board. Boxwood pieces. Staunton pieces handmade
    • Deluxe Model: Elegant wooden chess board with magnificent African wood and European maple. Maple and ebony Pieces. Deluxe pieces handmade
    • FIDE sizes: Square: 55mmx55mm - Board: 550mmx550mmx19mm - King height 95mm / 3.75 
    • Battery: Lithium Battery lasts several days

      • Play against your favorite chess programs and engines. Regium e-Boards are supported by
      • Full support for Chess960, Rapid and Blitz
      • Computer analysis whilst playing against a human opponent

      In addition to these amazing features, REGIUM will be compatible with DGT Pi, will feature a load/save feature to pick-up games where you left off, and will feature pieces that automatically move off the board when captured.

    • You can join the revolution on Kickstarter beginning February 25 at 8:00 a.m. EST, but if you want to get in on early bird pricing you'll need to subscribe now.

      Disclaimer: does not own or have any ownership stake or interest in REGIUM, nor is it involved in the manufacturing process or fundraising efforts of REGIUM.