Grandmaster Humpy Koneru vs Bibisara Assaubayeva | Armageddon Chess Series: Finale (Day 2, Match 2)

In the opening game of the Humpy vs. Assaubayeva showdown, the King’s Indian Defense set the stage, accompanied by a double fianchetto setup for White. As the game progressed into an intriguing phase with two pieces against a rook for White, the queens were eventually exchanged.

Bibisara showcased her strategic prowess by creating a lethal a-file pawn. Employing precise endgame technique, she emerged victorious in the first game, setting the tone for an exciting clash.

In game 2 of the matchup, Bibisara displayed her characteristic style, drawing praise from GM Simon Williams. Instead of opting for a drawish mindset, she embarked on an aggressive path, launching an early attack on the center right from the opening moves.

Humpy, on the other hand, opted to seize two pawns, a decision that came at the expense of her piece coordination and valuable time. The game unfolded like a rollercoaster ride, with Bibisara’s clock ticking down to a mere 10 seconds. In a tense climax, she missed a four-move checkmate, leading to her defeat in the second game.

In the Armageddon showdown, Bibisara found herself in the driver’s seat with the White pieces, enjoying a valuable one-minute advantage on the clock. However, the high-stakes nature of the format meant that she was in a must-win situation, as a draw would favor Black.

In a curious turn of events, Bibisara grappled with overthinking and saw her precious seconds dwindling even faster than her opponent’s. Nevertheless, the evaluation bar remained dead even throughout the tense encounter. It resembled a bullet game, with both female players navigating a treacherous path of extreme time pressure and intricate tactics.

In the end, it was Humpy who seized the initiative, orchestrating a checkmate on the board and clinching victory in this nail-biting Armageddon showdown!

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