How I Went From 1600 to 2260 Chess Rating in 1 Year

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the remarkable journey that took him from a rating strength of around 1600 to getting a FIDE rating of 2260. He achieved this feat through dedicated practice, learning from his mistakes, and adopting a new way of thinking about the game.

Back then, he had a basic understanding of chess. His thinking was focused on individual moves, and he often missed the bigger picture. He was reactive, responding to threats without fully evaluating them. His thinking was somewhat limited and his moves didn’t contribute to his overall development or plan.

GM Smirnov’s journey to 2260 involved more than just one game, of course. He underwent rigorous training, learned from strong players and coaches, and, most importantly, changed the way he thought about chess. He understood that simplifying his thinking and adhering to core principles, like development and evaluating threats, could lead to better moves and positions.

► Chapters

00:00 GM Igor Smirnov’s Rating Climb From 1600 to 2260 ELO
00:10 Game-1
00:50 Test your thinking process
02:01 How advanced players & GMs think
03:12 Tip-1: Do NOT play reactively
05:00 Tip-2: Prioritize development in the opening stage
06:35 Tip-3: Ensure your pieces get maximum activity
08:31 Can you actually go from 1600 to 2200 ELO?
09:01 Tip-4: Bishops are stronger than knights (in general)
11:02 Tip-5: Have a clear plan instead of making one-movers
12:39 Game-2, reached 2260 and became an IM
14:08 Tip-6: The right plan in the middlegame stage
16:52 How YOU can reach 2000 ELO

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