agadmator’s MultiversX Christmas Arena! –

Hello everyone and welcome to agadmator’s MultiversX Christmas Arena!
May the fastest and most accurate player win.
Flagging is of course encouraged.

1st PRIZE – 250 EGLD (about $8,750)
2nd PRIZE – 100 EGLD (about $3,500)
3rd PRIZE – 50 EGLD (about $1,750)
(no sharing of prizes!)

Winners will be contacted after the tournament via Lichess for prize distribution.

IMPORTANT : Winners will be contacted by agadmator to recieve their prizes.
MultiverseX (Elrond) are sponsoring and distributing the prizes.

As usual, I will be streaming and showcasing your games.
Enjoy 🙂
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Mailbox where you can send stuff:

Antonio Radić
Franje Tuđmana 12
48260 Križevci
p.s. this is not my home address 🙂

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