Oh, No! Timman Makes A Huge Mistake Against Tal

Jan Timman’s mistake steps into Mikhail Tal’s exchange sacrifice, which instantly decides the outcome of the game!
Mikhail Tal vs Jan Timman
Skopje Olympiad Final-A (1972), Skopje YUG, rd 3, Sep-29
Zukertort Opening: Kingside Fianchetto (A04)
1.Nf3 g6 2.e4 d6 3.d4 Nf6 4.Nbd2 Bg7 5.Bc4 O-O 6.Qe2 c6 7.Bb3
Bg4 8.e5 dxe5 9.dxe5 Nd5 10.O-O Nd7 11.h3 Bf5 12.Re1 Qc7
13.Nf1 Rad8 14.Ng3 Be6 15.Qe4 Rfe8 16.Qh4 f6 17.Bh6 Nxe5
18.Rxe5 fxe5 19.Ng5 Bf6 20.Nxe6
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