Play the Sicilian Dragon with Don Broca – Chess Openings Explained

The Sicilian Defense Dragon Variation is one of the sharpest chess openings you can play. It is an early declaration of war to any e4-player and usually leads to breathtaking dynamic and double-edged positions.

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This is a chess opening for warriors, those who like to battle looking to take home the spoils.

If there’s one opening that ranks top for its razor-sharp lines and mind-boggling complications, it’s the Sicilian Dragon. If you like aggression, this is the line for you.

What opening did Kasparov turn to against Anand in their World Championship match in 1995? You guessed it – the Dragon, scoring 3 out of 4 as Black!

If you are looking for a fiery opening against White that asks for positional superiority and tactical sense, the Dragon is waiting for you.

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