A deadly attack in the Nimzo-Indian Β· Road to GM, Game 283

If you need inspiration against the Nimzo, this game should work well. I really enjoy playing d4, c4, I must say. Even though I only played it twice so far, I ended up winning both games, and the positions suit me well I think.

This game is a great example of how optimal piece placement can lead to quick, deadly attack which comes naturally, without too much effort or actual calculation being required. I still need to work on my tactical skills a lot, because I actually gave my opponent a chance to save the game, but it was still very enjoyable to win a game with combinations instead of slow maneuvering in the endgame.

Tomic S. (2038) – Vidic Z. (1911)
III A Croatian League, Rd. 7
Qc2 Nimzo-Indian

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