What Does FIDE Think About Cheating in Chess?

What Does FIDE Think About Cheating in Chess? Watch Hikaru’s opinions on Emil Sutovsky’s answers to questions about cheating in chess. Original footage from interview on twitch.tv/chess24gm. Shoutout to @Tania Sachdev

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00:00 Introduction
01:55 When Does FIDE Get Involved
03:28 Hikaru talks about when this will end
06:00 Emil talks how no one can be a vigilante
07:10 Emil talks about FIDE Cheating Panel that never happened
09:05 Emil wants GMs to help judge other GMs
11:48 Are we gonna judge online cheating and otb cheating the same?
16:28 How will FIDE deal with Magnus’s violation of Code of Ethics
25:18 Hikaru talks about how gray this whole thing is
26:40 Tania asks if FIDE could possibly ban Hans for cheating
29:35 Hikaru credits Elon Musk for sending the controversy viral

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