Attacking Chess Principles EVERY Beginner Should Know – With Angelo Kesaris

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No matter your rating, you can learn how to attack in chess. There are guiding principles in chess for every aspect of the game, including how to attack in chess.

Attacking in chess is easier than defending in chess because the attacker is under less pressure.

When you are defending, you know you could lose the game if you make a mistake. The attacker often has at least a way to draw, usually by perpetual check.

In most chess games, your opponents will safeguard their king by castling. When learning how to attack in chess, knowing how to attack the castled king is crucial.

The king might appear safe behind the shelter of the pawns, but there are ways to open lines against the king and create weaknesses. You cannot checkmate the king unless it gets exposed.

One of the first things to consider when working out how to attack in chess is to count the pieces near your opponent’s king. Unless your attacking pieces outnumber the defenders, your attack will unlikely succeed.

In chess, all attacks are directed against weaknesses in your opponent’s position!

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