Danya and GothamChess Predict The Chess.com Global Championship Bracket

Who will win the $1,000,000 Chess.com Global Championship, our biggest tournament EVER? @Daniel Rensch, @GothamChess and @Daniel Naroditsky discuss the top 64 players, and who they believe will become Chess.com Global Champion! The CGC knockout bracket begins next week.

Featuring the world’s greatest players, former world champions and online chess legends, the Chess.com Global Championship is our biggest ever tournament with $1,000,000 in prizes! After months of qualifiers, the top 32 players have advanced and are joined by 32 invited chess stars to compete for their share of the prize fund and the Chess.com Global Champion title.

SUBMIT YOUR BRACKET HERE: https://www.chess.com/news/view/chess-com-global-championship-100k-bracket-contest

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00:00 Introduction
02:15 Group A (Hikaru’s Bracket)
05:36 Group B (Duda’s Bracket)
08:00 Group C (So’s Bracket)
11:24 Group D (Fabi’s Bracket)
14:30 Group E (Nepo’s Bracket)
17:29 Group F (Giri’s Bracket)
20:51 Group G (Ding’s Bracket)
24:31 Group H (Aronian’s Bracket)
27:50 Levy, Danya and Danny predict their champions

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