Top 5 BEST Chess Openings for Beginners

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Learn these chess openings in detail

🔹 5) Bishop’s Opening –
🔹 4) Scandinavian Defense –
🔹 3) The London System –
🔹 2) The Englund Gambit:
🔹1) The Rousseau Gambit:

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will talk about the top 5 chess openings for beginners, intermediates, and amateur level chess players. These openings are for both White and Black side and gives a solid position.

Most of these openings have some aggressive variations and can give a solid position for you. These variations will surprise your opponents and they also come with some deadly traps that gives you a huge material advantage or checkmates your opponent immediately!

► Chapters

00:00 Top 5 BEST Chess Openings for Beginners
00:07 5) Bishop’s Opening for White
01:09 Trap in Aggressive Variation 5.f4
02:34 4) Scandinavian Defense for Black
03:31 Icelandic Gambit 3…e6
04:54 3) London System for White
06:39 2) Englund Gambit, Blackburne–Hartlaub Gambit
08:07 Active position for Black
09:17 1) Italian Game, Rousseau gambit
10:58 Tip: Remember to play this move

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