Attacking the Enemy King With Powerful Chess Tactics – Angelo Kesaris – Get the full course with 50% OFF

Every successful game of chess involves combinations, and games are lost if you get your combination in chess wrong.

Getting your combinations in chess right is much easier if you have a sound understanding of chess tactics. There is a broad spectrum of tactics in chess, but if you learn the essential elements, or motifs, of tactics, you will have a sound foundation to build on.

Learning tactics is not only about memorizing moves but about getting your thinking right and understanding how to use the different elements of chess tactics.

The more you understand tactics, the more dangerous your combinations in chess games will become, like Angelo Kesaris explains in this video.

Back rank weaknesses are a common tactical weakness you can exploit in chess. You can use the weak back rank to win material in chess.

Remember, not all your combinations in chess will be about delivering a checkmate.

Apart from attacking the king, you can use combinations in chess to attack other material and pawns or to create weaknesses in your opponent’s position.

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