Fighting a Grandmaster in zeitnot Β· Road to GM, Game 259

I faced a Grandmaster in round 2 of Vrsar. We played a roughly equal position and both got into serious time trouble by the end.

It was a tremendously complex endgame by the time we had almost no time on our clocks, and a mistake was highly likely to happen. Which one of us would make it was also obvious. He was calm, composed and in control, and I was nervous and couldn’t think straight.

I made a mistake of changing the nature of the position when I could’ve kept it closed and let him try to win the game. It wasn’t a bad decision chess-wise, but practically, it ended up costing me the game.

Tomic S. (2043) – GM Fercec N. (2427)
London System
Vrsar Open 2022, Rd. 2

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