2022 Saint Louis Norm Congress: Day 3

The invitational norm tournaments brings together players from around the world to compete for cash prizes and the chance to earn Grandmaster and International Master norms. Join GMs Illya Nyzhnyk, Denes Boros, IM Dorsa Derakhshani, and NM Caleb Denby for the move-by-move.

GM Norm Tournament
Vladimir Belous
Chris Repka
Viktor Matviishen
Bali Daggupati
Ivan Schitco
David Brodsky
Josh Ruiz
Evan Park
Kostya Kavutskiy
Josiah Stearman

IM Norm Tournament
Joshua Posthuma
Aaron Grabinsky
Matyas Marek
Alice Lee
Begim Tokhirjonova
Gabriela Antova
Jennifer Yu
Ezra Chambers
Julian Proleiko
Pedro Rodriguez



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