This is how strong players beat weak ones · Road to GM, Game 255

I faced a strong International Master in Round 1 of the Zagreb Cup. The game went exactly as planned. For him that is.

I chose to play a passive, visually and spatially inferior position, and he played what he knows and understands. It was a Closed Catalan, not a bad opening for black at all, but, considering the strength and experience of my opponent, definitely a very poor choice.

I lost without a fight, without a single offensive idea. Without a single threat. Why did I choose to play such a position? By the time I have figured that out, I will have become a better player.

IM Tica S. (2423) – Tomic S. (2043)
Closed Catalan
Zagreb Cup, Rd. 1
Novi Zagreb vs HAŠK Mladost II

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