Chess is traumatic sometimes | GM Leinier Dominguez | Exclusive Interview

GM Leinier Dominguez gives an exclusive interview to Dina Belenkaya on traumas in professional chess, breaks in his chess career, the most important things in his life, preparing for the Grand Prix and much more.

00:00 Intro
01:00 OTB tournaments and Grand Prix
01:45 Online and offline chess
03:00 Breaks in chess career
05:20 Passions in life
06:00 Russian language
07:15 Preparing for the Grand Prix
08:00 World Championship Match 2021
09:48 Next Challenger
10:45 Working with seconds
14:35 Life and work with close friends
15:53 Cheating in online chess
18:48 Unusual places where Leinier played chess
19:56 Damage of professional chess
21:00 How to avoid traumas in chess
22:22 Favourite move
22:48 Remote work
23:32 Most disliked opening
24:04 Social media

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