Chess Calculation Made Easy with GM Damian Lemos

Make learning how to calculate in chess simple and easy. You can calculate variations and find the best squares for your pieces quickly.

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Organization is the key when you learn how to calculate in chess. Systems are beneficial in many areas of our lives, and chess is no exception.

When you have a system for chess calculation, you will feel more confident because no matter what position you find yourself in, you can calculate different variations with ease.

Thought process and calculation are two vital elements in chess improvement. GM Damian Lemos produced an excellent 3-hour Intuition Navigates Chaos Turbo course covering both subjects.

Now you know how to evaluate the most critical factors of a position quickly, it is time to learn how to calculate the variations arising in your game and implement your strategy. 

Three important elements of your efficient calculation system are:

-Forcing moves – always start by looking for forcing moves as your candidate moves, no matter how silly they appear.
-Use straight-line calculation when you can play forcing moves.
-Use evaluation and intuition to assess the end position when you cannot calculate any lines leading to a clear advantage.

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