“Chess is like air for me!” — Levon Aronian | Exclusive Interview

GM Levon Aronian gives an exclusive interview to Dina Belenkaya on chess path, being a leader of the national team, his biggest strength, most uncomfortable opponents and more.

00:00 Intro
0:57 How chess came to life
2:16 First Important achievement
3:15 Becoming a professional chess player
4:28 Family support
8:13 Chess Idols and inspirations
9:50 Difficult opponents
12:00 The biggest strength
13:25 Moving to Germany
15:45 Armenian chess and national team
18:21 Being a role model
20:13 Women chess
25:45 Happiness of being professional chess player
27:47 Reasons to visit Saint-Louis
28:56 Armenian Cuisine VS American Cuisine

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