The online boom has brought many spectators to chess! | Harikrishna Pentala | Exclusive Interview

GM Harikrishna Pentala gives an exclusive interview to Dina Belenkaya on his streaming experience, best friends in chess, most uncomfortable opponents and more .

00:00 Introduction
00:57 Impressions of the FIDE Grand Prix
1:22 Decision to participate in the FIDE Grand Prix
2:25 OTB and online tournaments
3:08 Streaming experience during the pandemic
4:38 Chess in India
6:53 Magnus vs Nepo match
8:43 Hari’s chess style now VS then
11:09 NFT & Cryptocurrencies
12:32 How to Control Your Emotions During the Game
13:12 Best time control for watching chess
13:39 Favourite must-watch games
14:45 Best places to play chess
15:26 Most uncomfortable opponents
15:52 Closest friends in chess
16:58 Best players of all time
17:15 Other interests
17:41 Daily tournament routine
18:30 Chess openings you should never play

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