Understanding an opening ยท Road to GM, Game 225

Here is a great example of just how quickly and mercilessly not understanding an opening, its ideas and transpositions can get you in trouble.

I faced a higher rated opponent in a Semi-Slav which, because I allowed it, transposed into an Open Catalan. An opening in which one error could mean the game for black, since capturing the c4 pawn leads to very sharp and double-edged play with black’s pieces still stuck on the back rank and the king left in the center. I made the one mistake and she should’ve beaten me because of it. Luckily for me, the winning idea was hard to see, and her natural moves quickly led to a liquidation and the game was drawn.

Ivekovic T. (2084) – Tomic S. (1982)
Open Catalan
Zadar Open 2021, Round 8

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