Beat 1.d4 as Black with the King’s Indian Defense | Mysterious Sideline

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you a simple and a universal chess opening that you can play as Black against the White’s first move 1.d4, the Queen’s Pawn Game. The opening is King’s Indian Defense (KID), which arises after the opening moves: 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6. It also arises in different move orders, transforming from other openings such as after 1.c4 or 1.Nf3.

You will learn an interesting sideline, 6…Bg4, which is not very known and at the same time very easy to learn. This way, you will have a great chance of surprising your opponents as you are driving them away from their opening preparation for the main variations of the KID. This variation also comes with a lot of tricks that you can use against your opponents, which works really well for blitz games.

Black’s main idea behind the move 6…Bg4 is to relieve their somewhat cramped position by exchanging their light-squared bishop (by playing Bxf3), which is often relegated to a passive role in the King’s Indian Defense. By exchanging this bishop for the White’s f3-knight, the d4-pawn becomes an easy target of attack.

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 Intro to the King’s Indian Defense (KID)
01:51 Good things about KID opening setup
03:11 Interesting sideline: 6…Bg4
04:23 Play the mysterious Nfd7
05:41 If White protects the pawn with d5
06:58 Trap with the poisoned pawn (knight fork)
07:50 KID setup in different move orders
08:58 If White protects the pawn with Be3
09:43 If White en passants with dxe6
10:36 Strongest variation for White
11:54 Sudden attacking idea for you
13:46 Bring your rook into the attack
14:58 Conclusion: Surprise your opponents
15:21 Puzzle: Can you find the winning continuation?

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