Guess The Move Episode 2 Recap! Contest Still Open! 5 Prizes Up For Grabs!

1000 – 1500 Strategic Thinking Chess Course: ✅ Everything I wished I knew when I was rated 1000. If you’re stuck around the 1000 level and can’t seem to improve, this is the course for you. 40+ video lessons on all phases of the game! Submit Moves Here (Ep. 3):
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Remember to use the same email you used in previous episodes!

Official Contest Rules:
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Guess The Move!
– Submit guesses for which moves you think were played next in the games, not necessarily the best moves. Also submit what you think the outcome of the games were. If you’re right, you get points. The player with the most points at the end of the season wins cool prizes like digital chess clocks, triple weighted chess sets, and more!

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