Caution or fear? | Road to GM, Game 144, 145

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My round 7 and 8 games from Bad Woerishofen. I have to say my play and my thinking was greatly influenced by what went on in the world and in Croatia. I had found out that my bus home was canceled just an hour before round 8. How do you stay calm?

After round 8, I realized there was no way to get home. I called the embassy, and booked buses, trains, searched for flights. They were about to close the borders.

I got home 40 hours later. I didn’t play the last round. If I had, I would have stayed in Germany for a while.

Still, after 8 rounds I had a +16 ELO score, which is neither good nor bad. It should have been a lot more. But even so, getting over 1900 again is a good feeling and takes some of the bitterness away after Rabac.

Let’s hope this crisis passes as soon as possible so that chess can be played again!!! I wish you all a great week.

On Thursday the endgame series will continue, and the middlegame one on Friday!

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