First Time For Everything || Alekseenko vs Giri || FIDE Candidates (2020)

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Kirill Alekseenko vs Anish Giri
World Championship Candidates (2020), Yekaterinburg RUS, rd 6, Mar-23
Italian Game: Italian Variation (C50)

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. O-O Nf6 5. d3 d6 6. c3 O-O 7. Re1 a5 8. Nbd2 Be6 9. Bb5 Ba7 10. Nf1 Ne7 11. Ng3 c6 12. Ba4 Ng6 13. h3 d5 14. ed5 Nd5 15. Bc2 Qc7 16. d4 ed4 17. Nd4 Rae8 18. Bg5 Ndf4 19. Qd2 Bd5 20. Re8 Re8 21. Re1 Re5 22. Bf4 Re1 23. Qe1 Qf4 24. Qe8 Nf8 25. Bb3 Bd4 26. cd4 Bb3 27. ab3 Qf6 28. Qe4 g6 29. Ne2 Ne6 30. h4 h5 31. g3 Qd8 32. Qe5 Qb6 33. d5 cd5 34. Qd5 Kf8 35. Nc3 Qc7 36. Ne4 Qc1 37. Kg2 Qb2 38. Qd7 b6 39. Nd6 Qf6 40. Qe8 Kg7 41. Qd7 Kg8 42. Qe8 Nf8 43. Qc6 Qd8 44. Nc4 Ne6 45. Nb6 Nd4 46. Qc5 Nb3 47. Qb5 Nd2 48. Qa5 Qd3 49. Qa1 Qe4 50. Kg1 Nf3 51. Kf1 Nh4 52. Qa8 Qa8 53. Na8 Nf3 54. Kg2 Ne5 55. f4 Ng4 56. Nb6 Kf8 57. Nd5 Ke8 58. Nc3 Ke7 59. Ne4 Ne3 60. Kf3 Nc4 61. Ng5 Kf6 62. Ne4 Kf5 63. Nf2 Nd2 64. Ke3 Nf1 65. Kf3 Nh2 66. Kg2 Ng4 67. Nh3 f6 68. Kf3 Ke6 69. Ke4 Kd6 70. Ng1 Kc5 71. Kd3 Nh6 72. Ke3 Nf5 73. Kf3 Kc4 74. Nh3 Nd4 75. Ke3 Nf5 76. Kf3 Kd4 77. Nf2 Nd6 78. Nh3 Ne4 79. Ng1 Kd3 80. Kg2 Nd2 81. Kf2 Ke4 82. Ne2 Nb1 83. Ng1 h4 84. Nh3 Kf5 85. gh4 Kg4 86. f5 gf5 87. Ke3 Nc3 88. Nf2 Kg3 89. Nd3 Nd5 90. Kd4 Nf4 91. Nc5 Kh4 92. Ke3 Kg3 93. Nb3 Ne6 94. Nd2 f4 95. Ke2 Ng5 96. Kf1 f3 97. Kg1 f2 98. Kf1 f5

Thumbnail photo by Lennart Ootes

The 2020 Candidates Tournament is an 8-player double round-robin that will decide Magnus Carlsen’s challenger for the World Championship match that’s set to take place in Dubai this December. The 14-round event is being played in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Yekaterinburg, Russia from 17 March to 3 April 2020. The prize fund is €500,000.

The players have 100 minutes for 40 moves, then 50 minutes for the next 20 moves, then 15 minutes to the end of the game, with a 30-second increment from move 1. No draw offers are allowed until after move 40. A playoff (beginning with four 25-minute games) is unlikely as head-to-head, no. of wins and Sonneborn-Berger are used first to break a tie for 1st place. Official website:

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