A Tournament Training Game Against a Teammate (dual commentary)

Vlatko and I played a 90’ + 30’’ training game. It was extremely complicated. It was decided by two major blunders, but even so, it was proper training and both of us calculated like it was a rated game!

Vlatko is lower rated than I am, but he is a very good player. In fact, we met when he beat me in a game! My team was playing his old team in the Croatian league. He had white and destroyed me with the London. I still remember the feeling (here is the video on the game: https://youtu.be/j29F_v22Mww). He soon came over to play for us.

Since then, we have played 3 training games (if I remember correctly) and I think he is leading 2:1 (is I remember correctly). He plays well, and doesn’t blunder much. But he gets into time trouble. He did today as well. Our game was really complex and I had no idea what I was doing in the opening. He plays a line which I don’t know well to d3 after Nf6, and I almost never play d3. Soooo. I knew almost no theory.

What happened after the opening was too complicated to explain here.

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