Brinckmann Attack | Grünfeld Defense Opening Theory

The Brinckmann Attack is a sideline white could choose if he wishes to play a game outside of the main Grünfeld theory.

The move Bf4 goes against white’s common plans against the Grünfeld Defense. Instead of going for a broad center with e4, this move prepares the less ambitious e3, closing the position down and solidifying his d4 square with e3, and his c4 pawn with the f1 bishop. Hence the move Bf4. White makes sure to get his bishop outside of the pawn chain before playing e3.

The good news for black is that he has three different options against the Brinckmann Attack. Black is the one choosing the nature of the position.

The three possible moves are:

5…0-0 The Grünfeld Gambit is the main line and probably the best move. It leads to sharp, double-edged, theoretical positions in which black gives up a pawn (hence the name). In compensation, black gets a really active position and three weaknesses to exploit on white’s queenside. I consider 0-0 to be the best and easiest to play.

5…c5 is the most theory heavy move. In the two main lines following c5, the theory goes almost 25 moves deep. If you play c5, be prepared to learn a lot. You simply have to play the best or the only moves sometimes or you will be worse. Not for the lazy Grünfeld player!

5…c6 is the least active continuation. It leads to more solid and less aggressive middlegames in which the normal Grünfeld attacks don’t really exist. Play it if you are unfamiliar with the theory in the opening. The positions are going to be easy to play and familiar as they can occur out of several different d4, Nf3 or even c4 openings.

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