When You Miss a Mate in Two | Road to GM, Game 97

The fourth game from Split Open was probably the luckiest moment of my chess career thus far. I faced a lower rated player in the London System. The opening went well, but…

2019 Split Open, Round 4, 08/06/2019, Martinez R. F. (1741) vs S. Tomic (1920), London System

I really cannot explain how I felt during and after this game. I faced a low rated opponent in a game I had to win. The game starts off well. I know I’m equal or better even.
And then, in a few moves, I find myself struggling. All of a sudden he is putting pressure on my c6 weakness.
I find a way to defend. And then blunder so badly that I would have resigned immediately if he were rated higher than me.

The position was completely one sided. He was winning. Easily. Two pawns up and more active pieces. I tried to look for chap tricks to swindle my way out. There were none! Then I managed to play f5 and f4 and f3! He allowed me counter play.

What happened next is inexplicable luck…. Unbelievable.

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