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GM Igor Smirnov has often said that strong chess players win slowly, but surely. In other words, strong chess players, titled players, and grandmasters follow the fundamentals of chess perfectly. They rarely make any mistakes/blunders (something that goes out of the basic chess principles), at least when compared to not-so strong chess players (club players or amateurs).

A stronger chess player knows when/how to attack, and a weaker player often loses the game making mistakes/blunders, or falling into an opening trap. That makes the real difference between a strong chess player (grandmaster/expert) and a weak chess player (amateur/club player).

In the RCA chess course “The Secrets of Strong Players”, GM Igor Smirnov will show you the 9 main differences between players at the beginner and advanced level. The course will show you a clear blueprint for elevating your chess performance to the next level.


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