When to Start an Attack? | Attacking Principles

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Today we are going to talk about a topic that most of the chess players love – ATTACK! Many chess players do not really understand this important concept in chess. It is so important that a proper and a successful attack can decide the game. Many chess players, unaware of the attacking principles, start a premature attack (start an attack when they actually should not) and fail at it.

So today, we are going to discuss about this – what makes a position ideal to start an attack, and when it is a wrong time to start an attack.

Our guest coach Manuel Ocantos has prepared a very instructive video lesson on this topic. He will teach with illustrative examples – with the games of top grandmasters like Mikhail Tal, Rudolf Spielmann, Wilhelm Steinitz, and Friedrich Saemisch.
He will show you examples on a failed attack, the reason where the above two principles were not followed, and also a successful attack, where the principles were followed.

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