The Caro-Kann is Hard to Beat | Patron Training Game Analysis

Dual commentary between Valerio and I. We go over the training game in the Two Knights Caro-Kann we played yesterday.

Here is the link to the game;

Here is Valerios profile on Lichess:

This was our first training game. We are going to play one each month, and, hopefully, Valerio is going to benefit from our analysis and our games.

This was one was in the Caro-Kann (unsurprisingly since I was black), and he went for the Two Knights, a variation I have lost horribly in during Novi Sad, a tournament I played recently. He even played Qg3, although not in the same position as in my game, a move which I failed to react to properly.

Luckily for me, I had worked on the Two Knights extensively since the tournament, and I have improved on my mistakes from that game. I was prepared for this line and managed to play well against it.

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