A Closed Sicilian Gone Wrong | Patron Training Game Analysis

Dual commentary between Jon and I. We go over the training game we played yesterday in which I surprised him with the Closed Sicilian.

Here is the link to the game; https://lichess.org/5ihxMgE9DlI3

Jon and I played our second training game. We are going to play one every month and analyze it together on the channel. Hopefully that will help Jon (and I) improve faster and be a useful training method.

Here are Jon’s profiles on Lichess: https://lichess.org/@/CorvusLiberatus
and chess. com: https://www.chess.com/member/CorvusLiberatus

This game was short and not that well played. Mainly because Jon knew no theory in the Closed lines of the Sicilian and I went for the aggressive Grand Prix setup which is hard to play against. After the game we have adjusted Jon’s repertoire and he will create a new, much more solid one, which will prevent him from ever losing out of the opening like in this game again!

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