Absolute Craziness! Duda Sacrifices His Queen

In this video I am covering a highly complex chess game played by Polish GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda vs Russian GM Alexander Grischuk. In the Advance variation of Reti opening the players delve deep into mind-boggling complications from where only Duda manages to find the right path! On move 21 he goes for a queen sacrifice and Grischuk who was in a time trouble fails to defend accurately, makes a mistake and quickly loses the game! In the end of the video as usual you can solve the daily puzzle!
Jan-Krzysztof Duda (2729) vs Alexander Grischuk (2766)
Grand Chess Tour Paris 2019 round 03
A09 Réti Opening: Advance Variation
1. Nf3 d5 2. c4 d4 3. b4 f6 4. e3 e5 5. c5 a5 6. Qa4+ Qd7 7. Bb5 c6 8. Bc4 Na6 9. exd4 e4 10. b5 Nb4 11. a3 exf3 12. axb4 Qxd4 13. d3 Qe5+ 14. Be3 fxg2 15. Rg1 Ne7 16. Nd2 Bd7 17. bxa5 Nd5 18. d4 Qxh2 19. Nf3 Qh5 20. a6 Be7 21. axb7 Rxa4 22. Rxa4 O-O 23. Ra8 Re8 24. Kd2 Kf8 25. Rxe8+ Qxe8 26. Bxd5 Bd8 27. Bf4 Ba5+ 28. Kd1
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