The French Defense – Deep Dive with GM Damian Lemos

Did you know the French Defense is the opening Bobby Fischer struggled against the most? 🤔 Imagine how your fellow club-players will suffer at your hands! Master the French with GM Damian Lemos. Get instant access with 50% off ►

What do super-GMs Wesley So, Ding Liren and Alexander Grischuk have in common? They all frequently rely on the French Defense!

This flexible reply to 1.e4 is one of the most trusted chess openings of all time, popular from beginner level right up to the top.

Not only is the French Defense considered one of the most successful openings for Black, it is an opening that does not force you to learn an endless amount of theory. You can play it if you understand the key strategic ideas and plans.

This video is a free preview of GM Damian Lemos’ brand new 7-hour Deep Dive. Damian is here to give you the crucial knowledge you need in order to play the French Defense with confidence.

This is an opening you can use for the rest of your chess life with good results, and it is flexible enough that you can play it in the style you prefer – solid and resilient, or dangerous and attacking!

And that’s not all – understanding the French Defense not only gives you a solid opening repertoire for Black, the various pawn structures that arise also helps you to become a better overall strategic player.

No need to fear 1.e4 anymore; add the French Defense to your repertoire and you’ll soon be dominating the whole board.

In this video, GM Damian Lemos starts by looking at what happens when Black plays 3.Bd3. Black needs to play precise moves to equalize or to take the initiative. GM Lemos recommends 3…dxe4, taking advantage of the placement of the bishop in order to gain a tempo.

White has to take with 4.Bxe4, and he wastes time moving the bishop for the second time in the opening – this is generally not sound opening practice.

Black can also play 3…c5 challenging White for space in the centre since the White knight is not on c3 or f3 yet.

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