I Know That I Know Nothing (Novi Sad recap) | Road to GM, Games 80-84

Novi Sad Open is over. All I can say is that I have a lot of work to do. I am unhappy with how I play and with the results I got.

After 9 rounds I have a plus rating score, which is good, but arguably undeserved. I played 8 bad games and only one good game. Only one game I can be satisfied with. The rest were either lost in the opening or by blundering tactically.

That leaves me with a clear work plan for the months ahead. I will be playing far less tournaments that I had planned. I am simply not ready to jump to 2000 elo yet. Not yet. I have to strengthen my repertoire and improve my tactical play first. There is no doubt about that.

My biggest disappointment is my play in the Caro-Kann. Three games, three defeats, every one of them more than deserved. Makes me think whether I should be changing my main defense to e4. I definitely will expand my repertoire to make sure my opponents’ preparation is a bit more complicated.

Senta Open is starting tomorrow. If it was next week and I wasn’t here already, I wouldn’t play. I have a lot to improve on from my games at Novi Sad before I play again. But, things are as they are and I have to make the best of the next tournament. I will do my best to play better than in this one.

I hope I will have enough time to work on my mistakes until round one and during the tournament.

See you tomorrow after the game!

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