Must See! Grischuk Uses Alekhine’s Block To Beat Vitiugov

In this video I am analyzing a brilliant attacking game played by Russian GM Alexander Grischuk vs his compatriot GM Nikita Vitiugov. In Queen’s gambit declined, Grischuk chooses a sharp line and sacrifices a pawn, which allows him to take a lead in development! The line turns out the be very tricky, requiring a precise play by Black! Soon Vitiugov fails to play accurately, chooses a very natural move (castling king-side) but that turns out to be a fatal mistake! By using “Alekhine’s Block” tactic, Grischuk sacrifices his bishop, demoralizes Black’s king-side and his attack turns out to be irresistible! In the end of the video as usual you can solve the daily puzzle!
Alexander Grischuk (2766) vs Nikita Vitiugov (2727)
Riga Grand Prix 2019 round 03-tiebreaks
D37 Queen’s Gambit Declined: Barmen Variation
1. Nf3 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 d5 4. d4 Nbd7 5. Bf4 dxc4 6. e3 Nb6 7. Bxc4 Nxc4 8. Qa4+ c6 9. Qxc4 Nd5 10. Bg3 Qb6 11. Qe2 Bb4 12. O-O Nxc3 13. bxc3 Bxc3 14. Rab1 Qd8 15. Rb3 Ba5 16. e4 Bc7 17. Bh4 Qd7 18. Rd1 O-O 19. Ne5 Qe8 20. Bf6 Bd8 21. Bxg7 Kxg7 22. Rg3+ Kh8 23. Qh5
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