Game of The Year 2017 by Ding Liren

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Chess never fails to make someone completely baffled! Or is it the chess players who do that? ๐Ÿ˜Š The history of chess has seen several astonishing and mind-blowing games, played by Tal, Fischer, Morphy, Kasparov, Carlsen, and so on; several games played by players from different periods and generations.

In this video we are going to see one such game, what is probably called the โ€œGame of The Year 2017โ€, played by the number one Chinese Grandmaster, Ding Liren.

This game was played in the Yingmei Cup, the Chinese Team Championship 2017, in which he proved to the world that he has the ability to demolish his opponents with his aggressive play. He was playing Black against Bai Jinshi, and the way Ding Liren played is truly spectacular.

In the opening-to-middlegame stage, Ding Liren decided to sacrifice his queen for the compensation of a rook and a minor piece. Later, he coordinated literally all of his pieces, hunted his opponent’s king like anything and delivered a beautiful checkmate!

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