London System Destroyed (again) | Training Game

A training game in which I faced the London System and managed to defeat it with Qb6! A move which I have been preparing for a few months now.

I am preparing for an upcoming tournament (starting in 5 days). As part of my training, I will try to play as many training games as possible. I tried to arrange a game for today, but my opponent had some last minute changes and couldn’t play after all. So I had to play a random game on lichess.

Unfortunately I got paired down, and my opponent was only 1600 plus change. Still, a game is a game. And, as you may know, I had recently lost to a 1700 in Gradište, so no opponent is to be underestimated.

He opened with the London System. An opening which I dreaded for a long time. Then, about 3 months ago, I sat down and decided to find a counter system I could use to fight it. I came up with Qb6, a move which was seldom played, an alternative to Nc6, which is by far most popular.

White has several responses, but neither seems to keep the position “London-System-like”, and changes it. That’s not necessarily for the best for black, but at least it gets white out of his comfort zone. And if white doesn’t know Qb3, he could easily be in trouble.

I will analyze the move in depth in the daily pdf for patrons. There I will go over c4, Ncc3, Qc1 and b3, as white’s four most probable responses in detail. You can visit the Patreon page to find out more. There, you will also have access to other daily pdfs I’ve been sending out. For more information, visit:

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