Live Stream: Chess Traps After 1.e4 e5 – IM Valeri Lilov

Getting caught out with Black against 1.e4? Don’t let White’s sidelines and cheap tricks fool you – learn how to play against these openings with confidence. Get instant access to GM Lemos new course with 50% off. ►

1.e4 e5 is one of the most common openings in all of chess, with both sides immediately battling for the center of the board.

At club level, anything could happen next! You often have to face weird openings you don’t often see at higher levels such as the Danish Gambit or the King’s Gambit, and sometimes you’ll have to deal with a cheeky White player trying to set a trap!

It’s quite embarrassing to lose a game in only a few moves, and sometimes it’s not easy to figure out how to respond over-the-board when White sets a trap.

But never fear, IM Valeri Lilov is here! In this live stream, Valeri will explore some of the traps you can expect to see sometimes after 1.e4 e5 so that you can avoid falling for them, and in some cases punish White for trying dubious cheap tricks!

On the flip side, you might also enjoy using some of these traps yourself when you’re playing quick Blitz games. Tune in Saturday 6th July at Noon EST.

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