Swindler’s Paradise | Road to 2000

Caleb Denby shines in this fun class with plenty of swindles. See losing players trick opponents, and achieve a win or draw instead!

Follow along: https://lichess.org/study/4994PHb3

Caleb Denby vs. Sgplus, 2019
Denby vs. Jonathan Schrantz, 2019
Denby vs. Jonathan Israel, 2019: A43 Old Benoni defence
Hikaru Nakamura vs Magnus Carlsen, Zurich Chess Challenge (2014): E20 Nimzo-Indian, Kmoch variation
Alexander Beliavsky vs Larry Mark Christiansen, Reggio Emilia (1987/88): E00 Catalan opening
Viktor Antonovich Bologan vs Hikaru Nakamura, Biel Chess Festival (2012)


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