Praggnanandhaa Masterpiece at Isle of Man

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This video is about the beautiful game played by the young chess prodigy from India, Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa. It’s the game that he played against GM Axel Bachmann at the Isle of Man Masters (IoM) 2016, which featured top guns including Caruana, Nakamura, Wesley So, Hou Yifan and several others.

When he played this game against Bachmann at IoM, Praggnanandhaa was only 11-years old. He played with Black pieces, and Bachmann as White played 1.d4 and 2.Bf4 going with the London System, but he made a dubious move 3.Nc3, followed by 4.Qd2 and then he castled queenside very quickly, without developing any of his pieces and pawns on the kingside.

So an opposite-side castling game took shape, and the 11-year old kid immediately started firing on the queenside, taking the INITIATIVE. That’s one of the most important ideas in such situations – even it costs a pawn or pieces, it’s important that you have the initiative, to ensure that you are in the driver’s seat and directing the game. And Praggnanandhaa did just that – as a prize for that, he crushed Bachmann’s fortress and made him resign in just 18 moves!

Watch the instructive analysis of this game by Manuel Ocantos!

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