Tigran Petrosian In Mikhail Tal’s Clothing

Tigran Petrosian who usually plays solid positional chess, generally without brilliant effects, in this famous chess game demonstrates that he can also play aggressively when the need arises. By making use of his opponent’s inaccuracy on move 5, he first advances on the queenside and then launches an attack on the kingside. In this game the king of exchange sacrifices “Iron Tigran” sacrifices both rooks and forces his opponent to resign! Paul Keres entitled this game “Petrosian in Tal’s clothing”.
Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian vs Yakov Estrin
Moscow Championship (1968),
English Opening: King’s English Variation. Troger Defense (A21)
1. c4 e5 2. g3 Nc6 3. Bg2 d6 4. Nc3 Be6 5. d3 g6 6. b4 Qd7
7. b5 Nd8 8. Nf3 Bg7 9. Ng5 e4 10. Bb2 exd3 11. Qxd3 a6 12. h4
axb5 13. cxb5 Ne7 14. Qd2 O-O 15. h5 gxh5 16. Rxh5 Bf5 17. Be4
Bg6 18. Rxh7 Bxh7 19. Bxh7+ Kh8 20. O-O-O Ng8 21. Rh1 Nh6
22. Nd5 f6 23. Ne4 Rxa2 24. Rxh6 Bxh6 25. Qxh6 Qg7 26. Qh4
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